The Resort | SIRI Nature Roost
The Resort

“There is something magical about Siri Nature Roost – the air is clearer, the colours much brighter, and every moment seems to last just a little longer”

Welcome to a carefree, intimate paradise – inspired by our surroundings and crafted with love; where absolute luxury meets unregulated freedom. Escape from everyday life and return to a life which is well-lived and well-earned and holds a deep connection to the environment. Welcome to Siri Nature Roost.

Nestled in the wilderness of Chikmagalur, Siri Nature Roost offers a destination with a meaning, and is the epitome of barefoot luxury. Discover a place to connect with something larger than yourself; a new haven for the adventurer, a getaway for the wanderer, and a solitude for the endlessly passionate and curious.

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