Siri Nature Roosts

Vault to Heaven, where the stars in the veil of clouds are brought down, to set as dew.

Was there a whisper in the woods, that you fathom to be your own!

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Siri nature roosts resort

Siri is a tribute to Chikmagalur’s centuries-old history and tradition. The resort symbolises being in harmony with nature.

At the heart of Chikmagalur, in its secluded presence amidst the richest of forests, at Siri we believe the best vacations unfold effortlessly so we offer virtually everything you could ever need – exclusive experience of the natural affluence bestowed upon us by nature and a posh architecture un-impeding to that joy! Comfortable villas and amenities like Ayurvedic Spa, Cultural-Club houses, Treks, Bird watching, et cetera.. Into this extraordinary ecosystem, we look forward to welcome you; to the Siri nature roosts.

Events In

Siri nature roosts resort

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, a magical honeymoon or just a well-deserved getaway. Siri offers a year-round treat with exclusive experiences. From the most happening parties to the traditional folk arts, like -Veeragase and Dollu Kunita. Be a part of the tale.


Take a step into luxury, by staying with us in our exclusive suites since there can be no substitute to nature the only best option is amidst it.

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Revitalise, restore, rejuvenate & reconstruct yourself with our array of satisfactory concourse.

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Venue for Getaway and events

Destination wedding, A magical honeymoon or any other occasion; Siri offers a year-round treat .

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Sports and Activities

A day of wholesome fun made for the entire family can enjoy.

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Free Wifi

Delicious Cuisines at your order

Great Hospitality

Free Parking

Surrounded by Mother Nature


Siri Coffee

Coffee !! this beverage, although not native to India has been very popular in the country from the past 4 decades, especially our very own version - the filter kaapi! Tracing history back to 1600 CE, this drug of motivation, was stolen from Ethiopia by a muslim sufi saint BABA BUDAN on his way back from holy pilgrimage. A mere Seven beans that were smuggled back then has made south India, Chikmagalur in particular contribute 71% of the Indian coffee produce.

Coffee from the plant to cup and bean to brew goes about 7 steps starting from ripe coffee fruit or cherry plucked from the plant, bean pitted from the fruit , washed and peeled out of its greasy layer. Sun dried for days before it gets to roasting stage where the flavours along with aroma is lifted to its glorious level and just before it is brewed to reach your cup these beans are finely grounded to squeeze the last bit of flavour.

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